Storage systems for regional resilience

Autonomous installations and self-production

Sustainable and resilient smart cities are the natural successor of sustainable city development. Smart cities promote a high-quality environment (green areas, air quality), manage their resources sustainably, and take protective environmental action. Ecodistricts are localized examples of intelligently managed environments.

To meet the challenges of urban development, the city of tomorrow will have to find answers to new environmental issues while ensuring the comfort of its inhabitants.

Deploying autonomous installations, such as solar lighting, electric vehicle charging stations, and urban furniture, which are connected and energy independent, will allow them to better manage their energy resources in real time and self-produce their own physical flows.

We offer real-world solutions for the challenges of tomorrow and develop efficient and energy-saving storage solutions.

Expert manufacturer of battery systems


Since 2011, we have been designing and manufacturing sustainable lithium-ion batteries for electric mobility and stationary storage for manufacturers and operators of two- to four-wheel electric vehicles, logistics and robotics industries, and building professionals committed to improving their energy performance.

Our solutions are sustainable because they are designed to be easily disassembled and repaired following a high-performance industrial process. We provide Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC) services for our products to extend their lifetime.


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