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Focus on our latest technological collaboration!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working with Matthieu SAGER, manager of BeeMS Engineering, to design a test bench for BMS! The BMS (Battery Management System) is an essential part of a lithium battery system. The BMS determines the quality and lifespan of the product.
Quality control of the BMS is therefore essential not only to ensure that the battery works properly, but also to guarantee its safety.

What is a BMS?

The Battery Management System (BMS) is an electronic component essential to the Li-ion battery. This device monitors the operation of each battery cell in real time, balancing them when necessary and authorising charges and discharges in line with voltage limits to optimise battery life.

What is its role in a battery?

The BMS is the brain of the Li-ion battery, adding protection against short-circuits, over-voltage, undervoltage, overcharging and temperature rises.
Its functions can be as simple as stopping charging or discharging depending on the voltage, or more complex, i.e. ensuring communication between several cells, managing cell balancing to optimise battery use in real time and providing permanent intelligent monitoring.

Why a customised BMS test bench?

The test bench developed with BeeMS Engineering is dedicated to our new BMS for the “motor scooter battery” production line, and allows us to :
✅ simulate up to 14 battery packs simultaneously, enabling 100% testing of the balance of each battery pack.
✅ It is fully automatic, with no manual operations required, including the management of charge and discharge simulation!

Developing high-performance test benches that allow 100% testing is a very important guarantee, and one that we are very demanding of and proud to invest in to innovate!

The technical advantages of this test bench:
✅ It can simulate a voltage of up to 60 volts and a charge and discharge current of up to 65 A.

✅ It tests all the board’s interfaces (NTC/temperature simulation, simulation of the motor scooter’s electrical interfaces and CAN communication).

✅ It validate the board’s electronic functions and programme the software as well as all the safety parameters.

A big thank you to Matthieu SAGER for this great job alongside with our Technical Director Dominique Martin!

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