We create solutions that suit your technological requirements and your business model, and accelerate the prototyping phases.

We know that a good design can determine the success of your project. That is why we work with you to better define your expectations and the characteristics your application really needs. Our product lifecycle approach also provides you with the guarantee of a reliable product and long-term support for your projects.

Key design advantages

Time-to-market control

Our unique test laboratory has a vast library of battery cells. Our continuous R&D investments provide us with the flexibility to quickly design and prototype solutions for your applications.

A unique design-for-repair approach

Anticipating repairability is a major environmental issue. It is also part of a virtuous approach to sustainably supporting our customers at the best total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our #DesignForRepair approach has been at the heart of our business model since our inception. Respecting specific design rules that facilitate the disassembly and refurbishing of products is essential. This eco-design approach allows us to extend the lifetime of our products and systematically avoid recycling batteries that could be refurbished.

Design to cost

We analyze all the parameters of your project, from design to production, including the sourcing of components, along with you in order to provide you with a solution that meets your expectations in terms of quality and cost.

Design for manufacturing

We collaborate with the production teams on the development to ensure rapid industrialization.

360° global support

We can support you well beyond simply supplying you with a battery system, whether to define the electrical and electronic interfaces in your applications, optimize the thermal management systems, provide you with operating advice, or comply with regulatory obligations from marketing to end-of-life recycling.

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