What role does innovation have to play in electric mobility ?


Jean Philippe Vergneau, project manager, shares his thoughts.

“ Building a technical and accurate offer of batteries for electric mobility requires many discussions with clients to offer personalized batteries.”

During the earliest phase of projects, the project manager actively participates in preparing commercial proposals. He is responsible for technical performances, costs, deadlines and quality.

In the development process, he is the main contact for the clients but also organizes internal operations in the company regarding projects goals and easyLi’s commitments.

“Listening and understanding the overall project ensures the quality of the offers we build, but also leads to imagine and industrialize new concepts.

“For example, we are developing an original embedded and connected storage system, which will be integrated in fleets of electric vehicles in Europe specialized in car-sharing and free floating.

The main goal is to maximize the availability of cars for people, and to increase the profitability of those fleets.”

Our expertise allows us to provide powerful personalized batteries and with our added value we create innovation, a key factor of differentiation for our clients.

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