From invention
to design and production
of batteries solutions

From system design to qualification

Listening to your engineering and marketing teams, collaborating to build your system specifications, proactive thinking, design-to-cost and time-to-market processes, mass production control… this is where easyLi makes a difference. We are committed to delivering higher value propositions specifically designed for your applications. Our engineering teams design and validate electronic control and power units integrated in our energy storage systems: battery protection and management systems (BMS) energy management systems (EMS), charging systems, power conversion systems (PCS), multi-protocol communication modules.

From prototyping to mass production

At easyLi, we take full responsibility for the design, validation, certification and production launch of our products. Our experts have an extensive industrial knowledge about all rechargeable Lithium chemistries. Easyli also has proprietary qualification methodologies conducted on our dedicated test benches. All this provides our customers with complete confidence in the performance and dependability of our systems under any specific usage profile: electrical performance evolution during system operation, behavior under extreme temperatures, very fast charge and discharge capabilities.

Cycle life follow up

easyLi products are manufactured in our own facility based on time-tested methodologies and procedures. 100% quality control checks are enforced during production (IPQC) and before shipment (OCQ). Barcode traceability is implemented on 100% of final products and critical sub-components to guarantee flawless after-sales services afor the entire length of the lifecycle.

easyLi cycling benches and climatic chambers provide demonstrable performance of our energy storage solutions.

Banc de tests d'éléments électrochimiques
Programmation d'une encente climatique
Enceinte climatique