ProDays 2022, Paris, July 2022

Batteries, key components of e-mobility

easyLi is a stakeholder in the electric bicycle industry, cargo bikes, and any types of small electric vehicles with tailor made batteries, designed and manufactured in France.

At easyLi, we are convinced that batteries have become key components of electric bicycles.

Indeed, batteries can make a difference to increasingly demanding users, both for their leisure bikes and in a professional context, with the development of last-mile delivery.

From a technical point of view, a different design, optimum energy performance, innovative electronic management and connected services are subjects of major interest.

And on the battery technology side, higher density electrochemistries, new cell shapes and suppliers from the automotive industry offer new opportunities to consider.

Batteries designed for repair and reuse

In a voluntarily approach of sustainable development and limitation of the environmental footprint of our products, we apply «design for repair and reuse» methodologies to our batteries.
Our batteries are easy to be repaired and reconditioned.  As a consequence total cost of ownership (TCO) decrease while life span before final recycling increase!

Our strengths for reliable and durable batteries based on advanced Lithium-ion technologies

  • Control of the supply chain with a rigorous choice of suppliers and partners
  • Internal mastery in electrochemistry and state-of-the-art test laboratory. We have equipment to deliver our batteries with permanent warranty commitments
  • Mastery of all the stages from the study, development, testing and fine-tuning of electronic systems, control, command and communication of energy storage systems (BMS, EMS, chargers, …) 
  • Support for certification, control throughout the complete life cycle of products, recycling, after-sales service, compliance with standards and environmental issues.


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