E-TECH, Bologna Italy, April 2022

E-TECH EUROPE 2022, the Electrical & Electronic Technologies Exhibition and Conference, will be held at Bologna Exhibition Centre, Italy, 12-13 April 2022. Come and visit us booth A21.

In addition, E-Tech will be hosting the World E-Tech Conference 2022. F Barsacq, CEO, easyLi Batteries is one of the guest expert speakers of the conferences. His speech deals with “Batteries for EVs:from cells to packs (in english). It takes place Room A Alexandro Volta from 2pm to 5pm.

He will explore these topics in greater depth at a workshop, on April 13 from 11:00 am to 11:45 am, hall A, workshop area.

One-stop shop from system design to mass production

easyLi answers all your industrial needs in terms of mobility. We provide technical advices and co-construction of your battery specifications. Then, we design prototypes and take in charge validation, certification. We  manufacture and deliver your specific batteries from our French factory. We also maintain and repair our batteries, as well as those from other manufacturers.

New European regulations regarding batteries

easyLi closely follows the new European regulations regarding batteries. In addtion, we stand by our clients to determine carbon footprint as well as electrochemical and durability performances. We take into consideration  security, eco-design techniques, repairability, disassembly, re-use and second life of batteries. Digital passport of each battery for a complete tracking is available …

Designed for repair and reuse

In a voluntarily approach of sustainable development and limitation of the environmental footprint of our products, we apply         « design for repair and reuse » methodologies to our batteries. Our batteries are easy to be repaired and reconditioned. As a consequence, total cost of ownership (TCO) decreases while life span before final recycling increases.

Abstract : 

Internal combustion engines (ICE) are being displaced by electric powered solutions at an impressive speed. Batteries are everywhere and clearly the most expensive components of any types of electric drivelines. At the same time, technical solutions and price roadmaps are far from being stabilized.

To get a better understanding of where we stand and where we are moving to, the presentation will address the current state-of-the-art of battery systems for electric traction and on-board energy systems. The various battery technologies in presence will be described with their respective benefits and limitations.

A special focus will be given to battery electronics management with key functionalities to be expected from BMS (Battery Management Systems) including safety, endurance and operating performance over time. Temperature management will also be emphasized as a key parameter to ensure fast charging and extended lifespan.

Practical guidelines will finally be discussed to design the adequate battery systems from performance, lifetime and cost perspectives.

Speech François Barsacq Batteries for EVs: from cells to packs

  • Two main ageing factors: Depth of Discharge (DoD) and temperature!
  • Impact of cell balancing on battery performance and lifespan
  • Battery performance and durability: Combination of two key parameters
  • Battery System Dimensioning Guidelines
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Sustainable batteries for a circular and climate neutral economy


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