EICMA, Milan, November 2021


Come and meet easyLi at EICMA Milan, from 23rd to 28th of November!

If you are a manufacturer, supplier or fleet manager of electric two-wheelers, contact us and discover our unique and personalized batteries made in Europe!

25 th to 28 th novembre 2021, Milan
23 rd and 24th reserved to press and trade

One-stop shop from system design to mass production

easyLi answers all your industrial needs in terms of mobility. We offer technical advices, co-construction of your battery specifications, design of prototypes, validation, certification, manufacturing and JIT deliveries from our French factory. We also maintain and repair our batteries, as well as those from other manufacturers.

Designed for repair and reuse

In a voluntarily approach of sustainable development and limitation of the environmental footprint of our products, we apply « design for repair and reuse » methodologies to our batteries. They are easy to be repaired and reconditioned.  As a consequence total cost of ownership (TCO) decrease while life span before final recycling increase. 

New European regulations regarding batteries

easyLi closely follows the new European regulations regarding batteries.  We stand by our clients to determine carbon footprint, electrochemical and durability performances, security, eco-design techniques, repairability, disassembly, re-use and second life of batteries, or else the digital passport of each battery for a complete tracking…


For all your questions and more, visit us at EICMA Milan.
To contact us and plan a meeting: contact@easylibatteries.com