Interview François Barsacq, PDG easyLi à E-TECH

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easyLi exposait au salon E-Tech – The European Electrical and Electronic Technologies Exhibition & Conference for the E-Vehicle Industry – à Bologne, les 19 et 20 avril derniers.
Dans ce cadre, François Barsacq, PDG d’easyLi, a été interviewé par Nick Fouché.

Ci dessous, l’interview, en lecture, ou sa retranscription écrite.

interview François Barsac E-Tech

Can you tell me something about easyLi as a company? »

easyLi is a company I founded more than 10 years ago. We are specialised in designing, industrialising, manufacturing, repairing and reconditioning lithium-ion batteries. All this is made in France with an office in Milan for servicing our Italian customers.

We have two markets of specialities. First one is the electric mobility sector. We are developing custom batteries for electric vehicles, urban vehicles, 2 wheels, 3, or 4 wheels, last mile delivery vehicles and other specific industrial applications. »

What will you be presenting specifically here at E-Tech?

We are presenting our competences in this field and most specifically we are discussing with our future customers innovation, especially when we see the development of the sharing services for either persons or goods and the importance of having removable or what we call swappable batteries to be able to recharge these vehicles without any recharging infrastructures.

What we are proposing today at E-Tech is a capacity of retrofitting electric vehicles which were initially designed without removable batteries, being able to add some swapping functionalities, giving the manufacturers of those vehicles & the operators of the vehicles to operate easily and to recharge without having to move the entire vehicle to be recharged at the charging hub instead of just swapping some batteries.

Why E-Tech?

Because it is the event in Italy related to electric mobility, a lot of international contacts, Italian sure, but also international contacts, in a nice location, with a nice organisation, the ability to participate or to give conferences, to get closer to our future customers.

So, we really recommend being here. I’ve taken this morning the form to register for next year because obviously it is the “not to be missed” event in Italy in the electric mobility business

Thank you very much for speaking to us, it’s been a great pleasure to be here at E-Tech with you

Thank you very much for the discussion.

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